Madrid, 1973

I started to work as video editor and After Effects composer for advertising. Good money, not much fun. While being hired by Fundación Sgae (2000-06), I was in charge of the audio/video department, giving audiovisual support to multiplatform artists. That one opened my artistic horizons.

In 2009 I decided to make a change and started to work as an illustrator. I also fell in love and moved to Germany. Busy year, year of changes.

During my Berlin experience I published the comic book ’12′, the board game ‘Catwalk’ and worked on the animated short film ‘Akerbeltz’ as art director and character designer. I also accomplished to add German to my spoken English and French.
Then Berlin was over.

Back in Madrid, I focus on putting together my drawing and animation skills, working on illustration and character design.