Akerbeltz, the witches & the inquisitor

The Witches of Zugarramurdi (Navarre Pyrenees) is the name of the most famous case in the history of the Basque witch trials and possibly witchcraft in Spain. The process was led by the tribunal of the Spanish Inquisition in Logroño. During the ‘Auto de Fe’ held in that city on 7 and 8 November 1610, eighteen people were reconciled because they confessed their sins and appealed to the mercy of the court, five died due to the tortures during interrogations. The six left who resisted were burned alive.

Akerbeltz (black goat) is a spirit in the folk mythology of the Basque people. It lives inside the land and it has many elves as servants. In Christianity, Akerbeltz is the live image of the demon. Priests, witches and seers think that he does all type of sexual abuses in the covens he organised.

This short film is a tribute to the women and men who fought against bigotry. In the same way, it tries to show the very moment when old pagan tradition was overrun and assimilated by the catholic church liturgy.


direction & editing: César Urbina, Iralta Films
production & script: Ángel Urbina
production asistant: Nieves Martín
storyboard, creative direction & character design: Jorge Liquete
character animation, composition and 2D animation: César Urbina, Ramón Verdugo, Mariona Rodríguez, Martín Aramburu, Nadia Khairat, Maite Yurrebaso, Leonardo Pérez, Iralta Films
matte painting: Amador Rehak, Jorge Liquete, Elena San Miguel
digital composing: Pablo Aguirre
sound: Jordi Civit, Emilio Escobar, Beat Music
original soundtrack: ‘The Raven’ by Hedningarna

character design, storyboard